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Drs. Laura & Joy

>Dr. Laura's Ph.D. is in physiology.  She also has a Master's in Counseling.
>information is on her website.

I know that many (nationally) take a shot at Dr. Laura Schlessinger due to
her lack of an M.D. or Ph.D., but her M.C. degree alone had to have
necessited a great deal of clinical work and the physio. doctorate (?
D.Phys.), although not a line shot up the middle, was significant. (More
classroom and clinical effort that that taken by Sally Jesse Rafael of
former Talknet days!)  I think she is tough for many of us to take because
of her perspectives and dogged consistency along certain lines which opens
her up as a target by the offended.

Another criticism is the "I am my kid's mom" line linked to her divorcee
status.  Not sure that that diminishes her attempt to offer structured
advice.  Just the sheer volume of caller-driven encounters also adds to her
qualifications to advise, IMO.  Not all counselors work well in the box, (of
any nature) regardless of the alphabet soup after their name.  Dr. Joy
Browne (Ph.D.), on the other hand, is specifically trained (and licensed, to
my knowledge) in counseling, however, is known to cut a lot more slack to
callers who would get trashed by Schlesshinger for the lifestyle or decision
made.  If Browne were as tough, perhaps her credentials would be questioned?

Bill O'Neill