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Re: Howie Carr

> You are also correct in what you were saying about >Jerry Williams
and the seat
> belt repeal. I know that Jerry's old cohort, Barbara >Anderson, of
CLT&G, was
> really frustrated by the lack of coverage their >"Promise to Keep:
5%" petition

Howie has never been an activist like Jerry was
("get on the phone and call so-and-so's office...").
Jerry has used that famous soundbite  from "Network":
"I want you to get out of your chairs right now,  go
to your window, open it, and yell, 'I'm as mad as
hell and I'm not gonna take this anymore' !".

> It is funny because he has always said that "The >Chump Line" was
his idea
> when he actually stole the idea from Alan Colmes >who had his
"Graffiti Phone"
> line for years before Howie was even on the air! 

Ah! You noticed as well! "Radio Grafitti, one 
sentence and one sentence only..."

>The funny thing about the
> chump line is that it allows the callers who can't get >through, to
> messages, often at the cost of the host. So it does >have some
> qualities. 

As in "you're making '800 large' so why are you such
a cheapskate, you fat bastard!"

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