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Re: Howie Carr

>...... noting that Williams MADE Carr's career by >allowing him to be
> every Tuesday, with almost no thanks returned by >Carr, the
ungrateful BASSTURD!)...

Yes, Howie was part of "The Governors" (with
Barbara Anderson) with Jerry on Tuesday afternoons.
WRKO gave Howie his own show, though he had
to share one hour with Victoria Jones (whom he
despised),  but then WRKO fired him (despite what
he claimed were good ratings) . Howie takes
delight in noting that the people who fired him were
also fired, later.
Howie went to WHDH and did a
show  _up against_   his mentor,  Jerry (Jerry was on
2-6 pm, and Howie 3 to 7). So if there's animosity
between the two now, it may have arisen from that.
Suddenly, they were competitors for the same
audience. WRKO's owners bought WHDH, made
it WEEI, and moved Howie to afternoons, and
Jerry to weekends. I'm sure Jerry must have loved
that. You would think that Howie would express
some on-air gratitude to Jerry, yes. But there could
be much more to it than that. Maybe they couldn't get 
along off-the-air...who knows? 
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