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Re: Howie Carr

I was going to mention that, but I wasn't sure if I
had my facts straight or not. I think Howie had
hinted that Jerry had a girlfriend who got put on
Joe Malone's payroll; was that it?
And rumors flew hot and heavy recently that
Howie had tapes of former colleague Marjorie
Clapprood swearing and saying scandalous things
off-air, which could be released to embarass her
in her run for the 8th District seat. I believe he denied
this, and I have no idea at all if it's true or not.

- ---"Terrence M. Wood"  wrote:
> Bob, I believe the truth of why Howie was fired at WRKO the first
time was
> that he got caught rifling desks for dirt on the staff for his
> the fat ladies at the track column.  That is why there is a coolness
> Jerry, he was the one he screwed over at the track.

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