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It's 4:00 AM

I heard some strange sounding programing?? on my favorite 1on1 Sports
station, WKBR AM 1250 Manchester NH at 04:00 this morning.  Being 4:00 AM,
I might not have all the details right !

This is the xxxx Soft Jazz Feed from EJI ?? Broadcasting -  Down queues to
follow, but first 30 seconds of 1 k (30 seconds of 1kHz tone).  Then an
intro to an audio second... your down queue  starts in 3,2,1. A few audio
clips of an interview with a Jazz musician followed, and then  the young
gentleman signed off. WKBR played dead air from that point on at leat until
08:30, missing the better portion of drive time.

Could anyone elighten me on the feed and/or EJI?? Broadcasting