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In a message dated 98-06-07 16:28:10 EDT, steve5@tiac.net writes:

<< If CBS keeps 680 and insists on insult radio it really would be a
 shame.  They better get used to dwindling numbers.  Perhaps WRKO would
 have more success with a "rewind" 60s music format.  Would be more
 interesting than Howie, Not-A-Dr. Laura and Two mouths flapping.  I'd
 actually listen to a good top 40 with oldies format on AM.  >>

Well, CBS can't keep WRKO.  They have been ordered by the Justice Department
to see off WRKO along with WEGQ, WAAF and WEEI as part of the approval for the
ARS merger.  CBS will have six months to divest of WRKO.

The lastest rumors have ABC buying WRKO.  If that happens, I doubt you'll see
too many changes.  Over the last couple of years, ABC owned talk stations have
been very bland and uninteresting, and their ratings have proven it.  Look at
WABC in New York or KABC in LA.  Neither station is taking their markets by

As far as a "Retro 60's format" on 680, there's no way that will happen.  Does
Boston really need ANOTHER oldies station?  Besides Boston ALREADY has a
"Retro 60's" station.  It's on 103.3FM.  Check it out sometime.  :)

Mike Thomas, WXLO & Premiere Radio Networks