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Re: Mondegreens and Kate Smith songs

Regarding that famous song, Dan wrote--

>" My assumption is that Berlin meant "stand beside her and use the
>'light from above' to guide her through the night." Now, that's not poetic,
>but it's unambiguous. I assume that Berlin was referring to a conceptual
>light--the light of truth, for example, and not some form of visible light.
>I really don't think Berlin was referring to a night in which there was
>light from above--though such nights are not exactly rare; all it takes is a
>clear sky and a full moon. Anyone have any opinions on what that well-known
>lyric really means? Has anyone else ever thought about it?
Since the song is entitled "G-d Bless America", I assumed Berlin was
addressing the deity in the song, and asking the deity to bless America both
literally and symbolically.  Through the night-- that is, through troubled
times-- with the light from above-- in other words, shine Your light on
America in dark times, the light of wisdom and understanding, so that the
Heavenly light will illuminate our way in times of despair.  That's what I
thought it meant...