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"Big Brother" and older demos

While going through old tapes I found an interview with Big Brother Bob
Emery  done in 1964.  Amazingly, while some of the other oldtimers on the
tape (it was taped at a reunion of everyone who  had worked at WGI back in
the 20s) were irate about how radio had gone to top-40, Big Brother was very
philosophical about it.  He said he liked the Beatles (!) and had no problem
with stations that played music specifically for the younger audience.
However, he felt that the older demos had been totally cast aside and
forgotten about, and that bothered him.  

He said that in 1964.  Could any of us say that things have improved for the
older demos since then, as far as options available to them on radio now?
We've talked about this on LTAR more than a few times!!!