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ABC Buying Spree?

In a message dated 98-06-05 12:22:16 EDT, Joe Gallant writes:

<< Besides the rumors that Disney/ABC may buy WEEI and WRKO, I think they
might  make a move to buy other Boston properties.
 I believe they might make a run at all the CBS stations being spun-off in
  the ARS merger (WEGQ and WAAF), and might also make a run at WNFT and
 In fact, I personally think that they'll go on a buying spree, and by the
  time it's over, WCVB-TV (channel 5) will also end up under the Disney/ABC

I tend to doubt that ABC will make a run for the entire package.  As a group,
these stations are either underperforming (NFT, RKO) or do not have full metro
penetration (AAF, EGQ).  The only solid station of the bunch, at least as far
as Boston is concerned is WEEI.  These stations as a whole would have no
chance competing against CBS and Greater Media.  I think that ABC would be
satisfied with owning WEEI, WRKO, and possibly even WNFT, and move Radio
Disney to 1150.  

As much as CBS would like to sell off all the stations to one buyer, I don't
think it's going to happen, and at this point it's out of CBS's hands, since
all the stations are being administered through a trust.  

As far as Channel 5 is concerned, I think that ABC would have to shell out a
ton of cash to aquire WCVB from Hearst.  If they made a big run at TV, that
would probably limit the amount they could invest in the radio properties.
I'm sure ABC has other spending priorities around the country besides Boston.

Mike Thomas, WXLO & Premiere Radio Networks