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Re: Keeping Score and Yankees in Dover ?

<<On Fri, 5 Jun 1998 11:33:02 EDT, FMradio1@aol.com said:

> There are no rules in regards to "team territory" as far as station
> affiliation goes.  As long as the affiliate and the network agree to the

Some leagues do have such rules for television coverage, however.  You
will never see the Bruins on a broadcast station in Vermont, for
example, because the NHL has allocated Burlington as a part of
Montreal's exclusive-broadcast-rights zone.  (Unfortunately, you won't
see too many Montreal games there either, since the only
English-language broadcast TV coverage is HNIC.  I think in this
particular case they are trying to protect the Montreal-local
audience, and don't really care at all about Burlington other than as
the home of the US TV stations seen in Quebec.)

The NHL has some sort of TV compensation package by which the teams
receive compensation for out-of-area games carried in their home
markets on cable.  Somewhere on the NHL's Web site this is all
explained in more detail.

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