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Re: Re:Same calls as Day 1

(And for the record, I've been with WMWM for all but
>the first
>four years of its FM existence,joining as a
>freshman SSC student in the fall of 1980.)
>Bob Nelson   Host,"the Juke Joint"
>Sundays 12-3 pm on WMWM-FM 91.7 Salem,MA

During my everbrief SSC days I did a few WM shifts.  A lot of fun and well
organized booth, clocks with freedom, etc.  It was before the studios were
rebuilt, etc.  I once slipped in an ID as WMWM Salem Salem.  Don't know why
I still remember that.  Perhaps because no one else does, and _that's_ the
thing about college radio you can't translate to commercial FM.

Bill O'Neill