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Re: Keeping Score and Yankees in Dover ?

In a message dated 98-06-05 08:07:56 EDT, John_Bolduc@Pictel.com writes:

<< I was hearing a New York Yanqui (oops Yankee) baseball game on 1270
 yesterday. I think it was WTSN in Dover NH. Does anyone know the rules
 about carrying the enemy team in Red Sox territory? Is it considered not to
 be Red Sox territory in the eyes of the FCC / League? >>

There are no rules in regards to "team territory" as far as station
affiliation goes.  As long as the affiliate and the network agree to the
arrangement, it's fair game.  In Worcester, WWTM-1440, which usually
simulcasts WEEI most of the day, also runs the Yankee games, since the Red Sox
are on WTAG.  In fact, If you go down to Florida, towns that host a major
league team during spring training usually have a station that is an
affilliate of that team during the regular season.  

 If the station is out of state or out of the region of the flagship, as is
the case with WTSN and WWTM, the affiliate has to deal with a lot of out of
area network spots, which the network may or may not allow the affiliate to
cover with local spots.  When I used to board-tech Red Sox games in
Connecticut way back when, the network would send us "localized" spots to run
over certain regional network spots, or would give us the avail to sell.  In
fact, we were required to cover Massachusetts lottery spots since airing those
commercials on an out of state station was illegal.  

Mike Thomas, WXLO & Premiere Radio Networks