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Keeping Score and Yankees in Dover ?

Just in case anyone is keeping score WKBR 1250 AM Manchester missed 100% of
last nights Nashua Pride baseball broadcast. They are billed on the air as
covering all 100 games.

On the other hand, WSMN 1590 Nashua, the flagship station, is getting more
sponsors. I kept hearing reference to "This game is brought to you by MCI",
although I did not hear any actual advertisements for them. I heard two new
local ads during the game. The announcer is also doing considerably better
than his first few games.

I was hearing a New York Yanqui (oops Yankee) baseball game on 1270
yesterday. I think it was WTSN in Dover NH. Does anyone know the rules
about carrying the enemy team in Red Sox territory? Is it considered not to
be Red Sox territory in the eyes of the FCC / League?

I remember in the mid 1970's WMTW (now WHOM) 94.9 FM Sargents Purchase /
Mt. Washington / Portland airing New York Mets games.