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Re: WKNE (was Same calls since day 1)

At 06:18 PM 6/4/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Doug wrote--
>>The current user of the WKNE calls (1290 Keene) claims a first broadcast date
>>of June 2, 1927. Whether they were WKNE (on 1290) then, I don't know. (They
>>also bill themselves as "Keene's First Station".) 
>As you know, I bill myself as the Queen of France <g>.  While Ed Brouder
>probably knows more about this than I do, my list of 1927 New Hamster
>stations only lists WKAV (1340) in Laconia and WBRL in Tilton.  There were
>also some amateur stations, of course.  I think WBRL, which was mainly doing
>religious programming on a limited schedule in July of 1927, was at 1290,
>but the call letters of WKNE were NOT assigned to Keene (or anywhere else--
>I have the FRC  official station list...) 
No, but as has already been pointed out here (I'm sorry, but I forget by
whom), WKNE began life in the 20s--across the river in Springfield VT as
WNBX. The frequency was 1260--the early equivalent of today's 1290.
(Everything on 1260 moved to 1290 on 3/31/41.) The WNBX calls have had
several reincarnations on FM in the Keene/Mid-Connecticut Valley area. One
of them was fairly recent.

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