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FCC Web site

First time I've noticed this phenomenon: From two servers, attempts to reach
www.fcc.gov bring up a "No DNS entry" dialog. At work, Cahners uses BB&N's
DNS, and in the past, that DNS has suffered frequent bouts of amnesia,
albeit none recently. But I can't believe that my ISP, AT&T Worldnet, also
uses BB&N's DNS, yet I get the same result from Worldnet.

What gives when two DNSs suddently can't recognize a node name? Does this
mean that hackers have broken into multiple DNSs and wiped out the database
entries for www.fcc.gov?

If you operate a site and you have to take it off-line for some reason, is
it customary to wipe out the entries for the site in all instances of the
domain-name database? There must be a more graceful way to take a site off line.

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