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Re: WKNE (was Same calls since day 1)

Donna Halper wrote:

> As you know, I bill myself as the Queen of France <g>.  While Ed Brouder
> probably knows more about this than I do, my list of 1927 New Hamster
> stations only lists WKAV (1340) in Laconia and WBRL in Tilton.  There were
> also some amateur stations, of course.  I think WBRL, which was mainly doing
> religious programming on a limited schedule in July of 1927, was at 1290,
> but the call letters of WKNE were NOT assigned to Keene (or anywhere else--
> I have the FRC  official station list...)

Hmmm.... Not doubting you at all. This bit of info I found on a piece of station
propaganda. (A calendar WKNE put out this year. A little "value added" package for
advertisers, mostly. IMO the worst two words in broadcasting are "value added",
unless, of course, you are in sales.) I had no idea if the dates were truly right
when I posted them, but those are the dates they have posted on their 1998
calendars. If they're incorrect, don't THEY look dumb.... <g>

Also, I never knew you were French, Donna. I always had my suspicions, though....

Doug Bassett
Full Service Part Timer
Brattleboro, Vt.