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Urban Radio in Boston

In a message dated 98-06-05 00:15:07 EDT, sven@lily.org writes:

<< And while we're at it, when will we finally see a true urban station
 > in Boston?
 Chris, try WILD-1090 AM :) >>

Sorry, I'm with Chris on this one.  WILD is essentially a full-service Urban
AC.  I think Chris is referring to a full-signal FM with a current-based urban
format.  Some may say that WJMN fits that discription but that would be
inaccurate.  Jammin' is instead a Rhythmic CHR station targeted to a mostly
white audience, but since they play a lot of "black" artists, they are the de-
facto "urban" station in town.  Boston is the only city in the Top 20 markets
without a full signal music intensive Urban FM.  I think it's just a matter of
time before someone tries it.

Mike Thomas, WXLO & Premiere Radio Networks