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Re: Gripes about Howie Carr/WRKO

In a message dated 98-06-04 14:04:45 EDT, michaelt@emtel.com writes:

<< I had one of those "did- I -actually- hear- what- I- just-thought- I-
 heard-on- broadcast -radio" moments.  Yes, they were using the name and
 image of a dead baby boy to entertain a radio audience.  I can't think
 of many things that are more just-plain-wrong.  A truly cruel and
 heartless thing to say. 
 The kneejerk reaction was to reach for the cell phone and scream, which
 I immediately thought better of.  After all, the host (and sidekicks)
 are the ones with the 50KW xmitter.  >>

You don't have to reach for the cell phone and scream.  People have already
been calling Howie's show complaining about how WRKO has deteriorated.
Ratings and revenue are down.  I'm willing to bet that there will be some
major changes over at 680 once new ownership comes in.  We'll just have to
wait this one out.

Mike Thomas, WXLO & Premiere Radio Networks