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Re: Gripes about Howie Carr/WRKO

Like many of the people on this list, I listen to a very large variety
of  programming.  Anything from a local ferry report, to music, to Paul
Harvey, with just about anything you can think of in between.   It's a
little weird, but button punching is nature of the  hobby.

In re: the Winchendon storm deaths and the flippant remarks:   I stopped
sampling the Carr program one afternoon when the subject was the Louise
Woodward trial.  The host was asking callers to submit their nominations
for actors to play the various trial participants in the inevitable TV
movie.  So far, not exactly Mensa material, but appropriate enough for
mindless PM drive fodder.

The host opined that it was too bad that the actor Herve Villachez was
no longer with alive, because he resembled, and would of course be a
natural to play the part of Matthew Eappen.  The sound of "oh, yes,
that's a good one"-style  laughter ensued, and the merriment went on
from there.

I had one of those "did- I -actually- hear- what- I- just-thought- I-
heard-on- broadcast -radio" moments.  Yes, they were using the name and
image of a dead baby boy to entertain a radio audience.  I can't think
of many things that are more just-plain-wrong.  A truly cruel and
heartless thing to say. 

The kneejerk reaction was to reach for the cell phone and scream, which
I immediately thought better of.  After all, the host (and sidekicks)
are the ones with the 50KW xmitter.  In the unlikely event that I made
it on the air, I probably would have been labeled either labeled as a
humorless and overly sensitive person , or a supporter of the
prosecution, or "blown up".  Complain to sponsors?  Sorry to appear
biased, but take a look at the advertiser lineup of a typical HC show
and tell me if you think that they'd care.  Complain to the PD?  I
predicted a similar dead end.  So instead, I just don't button-push 680
AM between the hours of 3:00PM and 7:00 PM.  My free choice and the end
of story......right...? And, BTW, I guess it made for some Powerful
Radio, because I was so outraged.  That IS the goal, right?

It still makes me feel terribly sad these many months later when I think
about it.  What a world.

Sorry about the long post.  I appreciate the forum.

Michael Tuminelli