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Re: Gripes about Howie Carr/WRKO

- ---BUMP MARTIN <LJNF40D@prodigy.com> wrote:
(Re: on-air complaints to Howie Carr)--
> Amazing, isn't it.  Personally I'm surprised that they even got as far
> as the air.  When they did, it was evident they didn't know what to do
> with them....so, rather than reason with them, they did the knee jerk
> reaction.....blow them up.
> But they all sang the same tune...."I used to like WRKO, but now...." 
> Also, in that same first half hour, he was takling about the storm
> effects on the area...and starting making fun of the guys that got
> killed when the tree fell on their SUV in Winchendon.  Pretty funny,
> huh?  Jeesh!  How would you like to be family members of the two young
> men who were killed unexpectedly, turn on the radio and hear the host
> making fun of your relative dying in a storm.  

I grimaced when I heard that too (and I'm a Howie fan).
As I said before, they're being cheeky, knowing they
may soon go national. If you confronted them with it,
they'd just say, "oh, the relatives wouldn't be listening to the radio
at a time like this, anyway".
Want to hurt Howie in the wallet? Tell his advertisers
what you thought of that. Then tell WRKO you won't be
patronizing his advertisers.

> I'm so ticked I wanted to drop an e-mail complaint to Howie, the PD
> the general 'Comments' mailbox.  Anyone know what they are?

Howie's email is howie@wrko.com. I think the general
e-mail for the station is sarah@wrko.com(at least
she must handle it...). I believe the PD is former
Howie producer Kevin Straley ("Little Al"). 

> > I think that Howie and gang know they may soon be
> > nationwide and they're getting a bit cheeky. 
> I have a hard time believing that in the midst of this ownership
> ...to CBS and CBS's immediate need to dump them....that they would
> such long-term plans on the table.  (Heck, they don't even know who's
> gonna own them, or at what frequency they'll end up...)
Good point...I was noticing the "Howie may go
national" item in NERW,so...
> > And
> > yeah, as much as I enjoy listening to Howie, he
> > _does_ do the same topics over and over. No news
> > today? Let's do "what's your bitch" or "standing
> > heads"
> It's like playing hit records....the topics that get the most "motion"
> or caller action get repeated over and over again.  But they certainly
> are 'lazy' topics.....topics that don't require much from the host.  

Lazy is right.Maybe they think people tune in
occasionally,and not every day,and thus would not be
tired of the same-old, same-old...

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