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Re: Gripes about Howie Carr/WRKO

- ---Michael Tuminelli <michaelt@emtel.com> wrote:
> The host opined that it was too bad that the actor Herve Villachez was
> no longer alive, because he resembled, and would of course be a
> natural to play the part of Matthew Eappen....
>I can't think of many things that are more just-plain-wrong.  A truly
cruel and heartless thing to say. 
  So I just don't button-push 680
> AM between the hours of 3:00PM and 7:00 PM. 

In an earlier post, I advocated having people boycott
sponsors of Howie's show if they object (and I usually like his show!)
But you're right when you say, later in your message, that they'd just
laugh at you. The lowest-common-denominator rules. Hooters, Floramo's
Restaurant, and the other sponsors of Howie's show
know he brings in listeners, and they'll get at most
one or two complaints. Sometimes such complaining
does get results, as when a preacher convinced Pepsi
not to use the Madonna song "Like A Prayer" in its
ads, as they felt the video was blasphemous. Pepsi
agreed not to use it (they lost $2 million that they'd
already spent on the campaign, but thought they could
lose a lot more if the controversy continued).

Like the Springer show, this, too will pass. Either
Howie will go "too far" one day, or the ratings will
drop and he'll be gone. (And by the way, speaking
of on-air controversies, I notice WRKO was fairly
silent on the Opie and Anthony controversy...the WAAF
hosts who had the hoax about Mayor Menino dying in a
car crash. Yup, they're owned by the same people.
I don't know if the subject hit WRKO's morning show,
but I'm fairly sure it never hit Howie, 2 Chicks, 
or Tai. Hmmm.)
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