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Re: Gripes about Howie Carr/WRKO

>Like the Springer show, this, too will pass. Either
>Howie will go "too far" one day, or the ratings will
>drop and he'll be gone.

I would expect the latter to have the more dramatic effect on the show's
future with the company, but I wouldn't hold your breath!  Going _too far_,
as with O&A on WAAF, is not as likely; say what you will about Carr, but he
does have a mortgage, column and some odd image of personal growth.  He has
a lot more to lose than the $6 mic-laden hopefuls with him (who are more
likely to incite PR trouble for him, directly or indirectly).  I'm following
the ownership trail of WRKO as having a far greater impact on the line-up.
The show will either go or be given a big corporate push forward.

Bill O'Neill