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Re: CBS swaps with Jacor but not in Boston....

On Fri, 29 May 1998 FMradio1@aol.com wrote:

> ABC picking up the AM's makes sense, and I can see a smaller group grabbing
> the FM's and eventually spinning them off to Chancellor.  There has been lots
> of rumors that Chancellor and Jacor may merge in some way, so Jacor could
> possibly pick up the FM's in anticipation of adding WXKS-AM-FM & WJMN to the
> fold.  

Chancellor is getting out of sports business in Chicago. Sun-Times
reported on Wed. that CM is in the process of selling WMVP AM 1000 to
Disney/ABC. Apparently, 'MVP is the most unprofitable of 108-station
chain because of huge rights it forks over to the Bulls and the WHite Sox.
Plus the market has 2 other sports stations : CBS' WSCR AM 1160 and 1on1's
WIDB AM 950....'MVP gets a 1.6 share which is good enough for 25th place. 
Disney/ABC will reportedly retain the Bulls and White Sox rights and add
ESPN Radio. Or then again, the Big Ears format is always an option..:)

WEEI is already an ESPN affil so if Disney gets 850 here, it will be
business as usual(maybe they'll drop JT Brick in favor of ESPN Radio

Also, WDKZ AM 1550 in Hartford is all ears as of last week..

- -Mark