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Re: how radio has changed

it was written--
>> I would be curious how a heavier blues blend on a classic rocker 
>> would go with market.

Chris suggested WZLX branching out in fringe time periods.   I'd love to see
a little more adventuresome programming-- but there are a lot of assumptions
at work here.  Many PDs and GMs still believe that music like blues, jazz or
reggae is not sufficiently mass appeal and would tune out the regular
listeners.  I recall there was even a debate over at WKLB about keeping
Sunday Morning Oldies on the air-- in its earliest incarnation, there was
the feeling it would only attract 'old people' and that nobody else would
care about it.  I'd like to believe that the spirit of experimentation still
lives, but in the world of bottom-line and shares of stock on Wall Street,
what seems to matter most is revenue.  I am sure if reggae or jazz or blues
generated huge income for a station, somebody would decide it's wonderful
music to play!!!