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Musicradio 77 WABeatleC Beatlemania Monday

Hi gang!

New York's (N/T) 77 WABC is going to celebrate Memorial day by
remembering what they sounded like during the '60s.  Unlike the abortion
that WRKO tried last year, this really should sound great!  DJ Scott
Shannon and a host of others who were on the air over the years of
"Musicradio 77" will be doing shifts.  Also, they are giving away a new
VW Beatle sometime on Monday.  This will be really cool!!!  Lots of
Beatles music along with tons of 60s tidbits.  Hopefully, they will be
playing lots of the old jingles and really doing it up right!  This is a
12 hour event, 6am to 6pm Memorial day.

Would someone in listening range PLEASE make a tape of the show.  I'd
happilly purchase a copy for my own collection (I have a run to Boston
and won't be around to hear it)

Happy Memorial Day!

Steve Sawyer