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Re: WNFT-1150 AM

At 02:49 PM 5/24/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Plus, don't forget that there is an 1150 in Middletown, CT--WMRD, which I
>believe runs 1000 watts at night.  Not being technically minded, I don't know
>if this would affect a WNFT power increase.
I think WMRD had a CP for 1 kW-DA at night some years ago, but never
improved the night facilities. They did increase the day power--to 2.5
kW-ND. (The day power used to be 1 kW.) The night power is something like
40W-ND, if memory serves, so WMRD does not require protection at night. Only
stations running 250W or more at night are entitled to protection. However,
WMRD's daytime operation could be a problem if WNFT wanted to increase its
day power. 

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