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Re: DX Detective.....


> Can anyone help with these DX identifiers?
> 1220AM overnight.....  Sports talk?

Likely WKNR, Cleveland. 50kw directional.

> 1580AM...Slow melodic french music

Probab;y CBJ, Chicoutimi, Quebec. 50kw, directional.

> 1120AM overnight.  Sounded like a syndicated show....host greeted a
> caller from WPCS(?) in Washington, DC.  Was this WADN?  Or could I
> been picking up KMOX?  (Has *anyone ever picked up KMOX here in

My guess is that it was WADN... the only DC area station with calls like

that is business news WBZS, Alexandria (it only has lightbulb power at
night, but it's on, and the show could have been taped).

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