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    I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about what she
perceives as the demise of Top-40 radio. My friend is a newspaper
reporter, and doesn't know too much about radio. However, she guessed
that Top-40 has experienced a steady decline in the past ten years. I've
only been in radio for 4 1/2.....so I couldn't answer her. Can someone
help me out?

    Our conversation then turned to demos. She thought it was sexist for
Top-40 to target only women. I tried to explain that women
(predominantly) listen to CHR, therefore women are the target demo. She
insisted that if Top-40 were targeted toward both guys and gals, it
would do better with men, much as Country attracts men and women
equally. Does anyone have any thoughts? Is she right? Gender neutral
marketing seems to work for Country, why not for CHR? I'm not trying to
get into a sexism debate, but I am curious about this!


Todd Phillips
WVAY, Wilmington, Vt