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Re: Sinatra tributes

In a message dated 5/21/98 07:49:23 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
ebradio@flash.net writes:

<< just for the record:  I was down the Cape for most of that weekend and
99.1, 99.9 and especially 103.9 honored Frank. >>

However, On Friday, the day after Sinatra's death, I did not hear WQRC play
any of his music until 8PM. They acknowledged his death in newscasts and
promoted the evening tribute, but no tunes. The situation was almost as bleak
at WOCN, Ocean 104- the logical place one would tune since they have a
standards format. They aired one or two Sinatra songs per hour mixed in with
the usual fare. 

The owners of WQRC just purchased WOCN, by the way.

IMHO, one or both of these stations should have played Sinatra all day. I had
to listen to WQEW in NYC to hear back to back songs and appropriate tributes. 

(rant mode) There is no reason that any station catering to older demos should
not have had a SInatra tribute in the can. 

What's the average male life expectancy, 72? And Sinatrasmoked and drank?!?!?
Stations should have had their Sinatra specials for ten years.

WQRC is now an AC with a standards program at night. WOCN plays pop hits from
the 40's through the 60's by non-rock artists. They both dropped the ball on
the occaision of the death of an American musical icon.  

(rant off)

Unfortunatly, Sinatra would not fit any of my employer's formats: Talk,
Classic Rock, 
AC and CHR. 

    Dave Iseman
  Creative Director
 Boch Broadcasting
   Cape Cod, MA