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programming Sinatra on Oldies 103?

Roger wrote--
> No Sinatra sightings on ODies 103.3.  Anybody out there
>hear one?
They used to play "Strangers in the Night" during mid-days occasionally and
also "Something Stupid", but as I recall, they dropped them because neither
song fit the sound they were trying for.  But this raises the issue again,
as it was raised when Tammy Wynette passed on.  Many current-based country
stations struggled with how to remember her, if at all, since for most
country stations, an 'oldie' is a song from the late 80s!  Ditto for most AC
stations-- Sinatra to them means 55+ so they have not put any of his stuff
into rotation.  (I'm not saying I agree with this thinking; I am merely
saying that PDs and GMs to whom I have spoken feel his music would sound
'too old' in their AC mix...)  Still, when a great performer who used to be
essential to your format passes away, shouldn't you do SOMETHING to remember
that person?