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Recent AMDX

Some results of recent trips around the AM dial. All were heard during
nighttime hours.

1120 WADN Concord, MA (first night-time logging; decent signal through
11PM or so all week; legal ID heard [5/10; 5/11/; 5/12; 5/17])
1310 WICH Norwich, CT (new; heard only mentions of "Connecticut"; calls
assumed [5/17])
1370 CJMR Mississauga, ON (new; calls heard [5/10])
1370 WFEA Manchester, NH (new; legal ID heard; strong signal at night
last week [5/10; 5/11])
1420 WCOJ Coatesville, PA (new; calls only heard; neat sounding station
1480 WSAR Fall River, MA (new; Portuguese (?) programming; mentions in
English of "Somerset", "Westport", "Route 6"; calls assumed [5/10])
1670 WAXP Warner Robins, GA (new; COL only heard; calls assumed [5/10])

All in all, not a bad week for this time of year.

Doug Bassett
West Brattleboro, Vt.