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Re: WEEI transmitter problem?

Donna Halper wrote:

> (When I was consulting in some of the smaller markets, I was surprised at
> how few of the weekend people knew what to do if the station happened to go
> off the air-- I'd like to ask the PDs and announcers on our newsgroup-- does
> your station have a posted procedure for such an emergency, and if so, do
> your part-timers know how to follow it?)  Lucky for WEEI, the problem
> occurred when an engineer was around...

At the stations I work for, there is a short list of people to call in case of
something like this (or any other type of emergency) happening, starting with
the person who is geographically closest. The numbers are posted near every
phone in the building.

Doug Bassett
Brattleboro, Vt.