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New programs on WJIB

This morning, Saturday, I noticed that WJIB carried a program featuring Sal
Paccino, who calls himself the "godfather of rock and roll." I know I've
heard him before, but I can't recall on what stations. The show was pretty
well produced and rather cleverly done. At first, I thought I was listening
to something dropped off a satellite. But then I heard a dedication to
someone in Malden. Still, the commercials sounded like the usual barter
fare, and there was never a mention of the call letters, only "this
station," just as in satellite-delivered programming. Moreover, there were
many mentions of people who had "called in" to request various songs, but,
aside from that one mention of Malden, no mentions of locations. Also, I
never caught a mention of the request-line phone number. What I didn't here
were any time checks that informed me it was "x minutes after the hour."

Finally, there were many cuts of popular '50s songs by the talent you would
associate with those songs, but the cuts sounded different. "Little Old Lady
from Pasadena" by the Beach Boys (or was it Jan and Dean--or Jan and Arnie?)
was the same song, but decidedly not the cut that we all know by heart. Some
of the cuts sounded as if I was listening to only one channel of a stereo mix.

So what gives with this show? Is it locally produced? Does he deliver it to
you on tape? Is he trying to line up additional stations? Or was his
(obviously intentional) failure to give call letters, a way of making the
show sound local on both WJIB and WJTO. If the latter, tell him to forget
it, and start mentioning calls.

And what gives with the helth food show that I've caught snatches of on
Saturday afternoons. Do you realize that it runs opposite heath foold shows
on WRPT and WRKO. Herbal nostrums across the dial from 650 to 740. What
depths have we sunk to?

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