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Re: programming Sinatra on Oldies 103?

The mix on 60s-based oldies stations has always galled me. Top-40 radio in the
60s *did* include a substantial smattering of non-rock songs: Louis Armstrong
hit #1, as did Sinatra with both those songs, as did others. At the time, the
kids listened to them on WABC in NY, for example. Why shouldn't they be in the
mix if the target is the same audience, only 30 years older?

Donna Halper wrote:

> Roger wrote--
> > No Sinatra sightings on ODies 103.3.  Anybody out there
> >hear one?
> >
> They used to play "Strangers in the Night" during mid-days occasionally and
> also "Something Stupid", but as I recall, they dropped them because neither
> song fit the sound they were trying for.  But this raises the issue again,
> as it was raised when Tammy Wynette passed on.  Many current-based country
> stations struggled with how to remember her, if at all, since for most
> country stations, an 'oldie' is a song from the late 80s!  Ditto for most AC
> stations-- Sinatra to them means 55+ so they have not put any of his stuff
> into rotation.  (I'm not saying I agree with this thinking; I am merely
> saying that PDs and GMs to whom I have spoken feel his music would sound
> 'too old' in their AC mix...)  Still, when a great performer who used to be
> essential to your format passes away, shouldn't you do SOMETHING to remember
> that person?

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