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Re: programming Sinatra on Oldies 103?

Doug wrote--
>The mix on 60s-based oldies stations has always galled me. Top-40 radio in the
>60s *did* include a substantial smattering of non-rock songs: Louis Armstrong
>hit #1, as did Sinatra with both those songs, as did others. At the time, the
>kids listened to them on WABC in NY, for example. Why shouldn't they be in the
>mix if the target is the same audience, only 30 years older?
Some PDs came to the conclusion that certain songs sounded too M-O-R, so
they excluded those songs.  Let's face it, some music has indeed aged well,
while other songs-- you listen and you ask yourself why in the world you
ever liked that one... Barry Scott has made a career out of playing songs
that top-40 and oldies stations ignore even though they were hits-- "lost
45s"... But in general, most stations strive for a homogenous mix, with
nothing jarring or out of place.