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Sinatra stuff...

In a message dated 98-05-18 11:46:17 EDT, rkirk@videoserver.com writes:

<< Reportedly, WROR played 3 sinatra songs - "Wally brings in his old   
 records" for one of them.  No Sinatra sightings on ODies 103.3.  Anybody out
 hear one? >>

That's interesting, because on many of the CHR stations I monitor for
Mediabase Research, including WPRO-FM Providence, I heard SEVERAL Sinatra
songs on Friday morning.  Several songs on EACH station.  Granted, most of
them were the predictable ones like New York, New York, Thats Life, and My
Way---but I give these stations credit for giving "props" to the Chairman of
the Board.

Actually, I had a difficult time finding ANY Sinatra music on the radio Friday
morning, at least around here.  WXKS-AM was running Bloomberg, and WLKW in
Providence was doing regular format, like Sinatra's death didn't even happen.
And these are the MOYL stations, where Sinatra is the number one most
requested artist.  

By the way, I talked to a friend down in Philadelphia and he told me WWDB-FM,
Sid Mark's station, which is all talk, flipped to all-Sinatra over the
weekend.  They played his music, took calls, and Sid was on a lot giving his
remembrances of the singer.  WQEW in New York also went all-Sinatra.  It's too
bad no station here in Boston did that.  That would have been the perfect
opportunity for WXKS-AM to really shine.

Mike Thomas, WXLO and Premiere Radio Networks