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Re: Sinatra stuff...

Mike wrote--
> WQEW in New York also went all-Sinatra.  It's too
>bad no station here in Boston did that.  That would have been the perfect
>opportunity for WXKS-AM to really shine.
Allegedly, WXKS *did*-- one of the TV stations (I forget which-- channel 4
or channel 5, as I recall) went there during the 11pm newscast and there was
a live jock playing all Sinatra, which the reporter said the station would
be doing all night and for the rest of that day.  It makes perfect sense,
although since stations that are MOYL are usually not live, this means the
station itself has to throw together the special and get the records (and
yes, in the feature, the announcer was playing a record.  Unbelievable but