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Re: Media overkill...

In a message dated 98-05-17 11:42:29 EDT, High.Seas@breezy.com writes:

<< The danger is that this tendency towards "provincialism" will become 
 the norm - a kind of turning inward, and a narrow, agenda-filled 
 view of our world. >>

And this is a NEW concept?  The United States has always been somewhat
isolationist in regards to news, and this goes back as far as the early 20th
century. It was due to this isolationism which delayed our involvement in
World War Two until Pearl Harbor forced our hand.  Maybe if the country had
paid attention to the atrocities that were happening in Europe and Asia in the
mid to late 1930's,  we could have gotten involved sooner and kept the
Germans, Russians and Japanese from becoming the powerful adversaries they
turned out to be by the early 1940's.  There is a lot of news happening all
around the globe every single day, but unless it involves us, we simply don't

Mike Thomas, WXLO and Premiere Radio Networks