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Re: Seinfeld

On Fri, 15 May 1998, Jibguy wrote:

>  For what it's worth, the story about the end of the Seinfeld show has made
>  the BBC World Service. 
>   >>
> Why?

Well, as Dan Billings said:

> At the same time, if 91 million Americans do
> something all at the same time, that is news.

And that was the BBC's angle on the story.  Much of the country came to a
standstill Thursday evening to watch Seinfeld.  Broadway shows in which it
was usually  impossible to get seats had vacant seats.  Dharma and Greg on
ABC decided to have sex in front of the federal courthouse during the
Seinfeld finale, figuring they wouldn't get caught because everyone would
be watching Seinfeld.

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