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Re: Seinfeld

>And that was the BBC's angle on the story.  Much of the country came to a
>standstill Thursday evening to watch Seinfeld.  Broadway shows in which it
>was usually  impossible to get seats had vacant seats.

My sis in Australia, which has the show, reports that although the Aussie
interest in the finale was there, the newscasts were about us in the US and
how we the superpower grinded to a halt, powered up on battery backup for 75
minutes.  BTW, when the rest of the world sees us do this sort of thing,
some of them actually have a nervousness to their chuckles, just like they
conjure images of Lewinsky types playing "tie the package" with "The Red
Phone."  Sadly, we are 'Seinfeld'.  And yes, there really is something wrong
with that.  Oh, and to make this a radio comment, radios and TVs have off
Bill O'Neill