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Sinatra the singer

Certainly Sinatra was a great showman and singer.  My comment as his being
not a great vocalist meant that he was no Mel Torme, for example.  Especialy
in his later years, his voice quivered, and all.

But it helped that he always insisted on an exquisite orchestra behind him,
and of course, most all of his songs were terrific...possibly other artists
coyuld have made the same songs hits as well.

Let's not forget that Sinatra was no role model, either.

But I emphasize that in my opinion, he wasn't a great singer, if you judged
him strictly on tonality (spelling?).  It was the way he carried himself,
and that incredible aura he created with the help fo the media.

So while some of us attempt to raise him from the dead, I say he was just
another human.  But I gotta say that there's not a song I've heard him do
that I didn't like.

:) shel