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Re: More Media overkill

Demographically true, in that he's not a top choice under 55. (He gets heavy
play on stations like WQEW in NYC, of course, but they aim for 55+. BTW, why
*doesn't* Boston hae a station that aims for that audience? Most markets
that size do, and we even have one in Albany. ) But he's *known* to a
younger generation. I'm 38, and growing up I sure heard Sinatra on WABC, not
to mention his appearing on the news and in the papers with regularity. So
he is cross-generational in the sense that 25+ would have familiarity with
him and with *some* of his music. But his best music -- the music that is an
integral part of his becoming a pop culture figure -- is essentially unknown
to the vast majority of those under 55.


> > I think you already know that Sinatra has no age bracket, he was cross
> > generational and when good music is played all listen!
> Hmmmmm....  SInce we are mourining Sinatra, I thought I'd let this pass
> as a "kind" statement about someone who has passed away......
> But I really disagree.  That's why there are no stations in Boston that
> include Sinatra in their regular playlist.  He is really a 55+ artist.
> (Even WXKS-AM doesn't play much....leaning more towards the later hits..
> .)
> BM

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