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More Media overkill

This will probably get me flamed but I here I go.

Tonight's NBC News devoted more than half of the broadcast to the death of
Frank Sinatra.  The last minute of the news was My Way and a video montage of
Sinatra.  Is this what a news broadcast should be?  From flipping channels, it
appeared that ABC and CBS provided similiar coverage.  Frank Sinatra was a
great entertainer and deserves tributes, but he was only an enterainer and
devoting half of the nightly news to the death of an 82 year old man seems a
bit much.  I would have given the story significant coverage and probably even
started the news with it, but it seems that lengthy tributes are more
appropriate for entertainment shows and news magazines.

I suspect that the News Hour on PBS will not give 30 minutes to the story.

Dan Billings
Bowdoinham, Maine


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