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Re: R.I.P., Frank Sinatra, 1915-1998

At 04:11 PM 5/15/98 -0400, Joseph Gallant wrote:
>However, I'd suspect that the best Sinatra tribute on American radio
> today is coming from New York's WQEW-1560. With Jonathan Schwartz,
> one of their air personalities, an authority on Frank Sinatra's music
> (Mr. Schwartz also hosts a Sinatra block on his afternoon show and I
> think he also does an hour-long Sinatra show on the weekends), this
> will probably be by far the best salute to "Old Blue Eyes" you'll
> find on the dial.
An old Carnegie Hall Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald program lists:
Jonathan Schwartz Tues-Fri, 3-7PM; "Sinatra Saturday" 10AM-2PM; Sunday:9AM-2PM.
Wish WNTN(1550) would go off the air so I could listen! But Easy Ed (see my
previous post) sort of fills the bill this weekend.
BTW, Jonathan Schwartz is listed as an author of the novel, "Distant
Stations"(Doubleday); I guess it's out of print. Do you think it's about DXers?