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Frank Sinatra&Friends Nine Hours a week, 52weeks a year!

For everyone who is within the sound of WADN AM1120, Concord, MA,
"Easy" Ed Shannon will continue playing Sinatra (&friends) on his weekend shows:
6-10AM Saturdays and 6-11AM Sundays
Nothing will change (I hope!) with the new owners.
Jonathan Schwartz; author, DJ on WQEW AM1560,New York(only heard at night
around Boston) &fan, was on the GoodMorning America Show this morning
reminiscing. Did anyone catch his tux?<g> He was dressed as any Radio
DJ:ratty jeans and sneakers.
ABC-TV's 20/20 Friday and probably Dateline NBC Friday will devote the whole
to "old blue eyes."
is a good webpage to start your journey into his life.
Fri 7PM - 9PM on WGBH FM89.7 Jazz Songbook with Ron Della Chiesa may do a
Ron will definitely do a tribute on his MusicAmerica with Ron Della Chiesa
on Saturday 7PM to Midnight on WPLM/99.1 FM in Plymouth and another low
power station (the calls don't come to mind) on the North Shore.
Happy Listening while the media celebrate his life!