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Re: WNFT continued

In a message dated 98-05-15 01:10:17 EDT, FMradio1@aol.com writes:

 Gee, I would think simulcasting WAAF (free, plus the cost of the ISDN) would
 be less expensive than paying the monthly fees for The Touch.  If CBS were to
 simulcast one of their Boston properties on 1150, you could throw out the
 of the ISDN--just punch up the station on the tuner  >>

Firstly, they don't need an ISDN, just an 11kHz line from Shrewsbury to
Lexington which costs about $360. a month from Bell Atlantic.  However, such
is not needed since a tuner will pick up AAF at that high elevated site in
Lexington.    Secondly,  I'll bet that they are paying NO fees for "The
Touch."    And also, I hear that CBS WILL spin off 1150 when the dust settles.
- ----jibguy