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Re: WNFT continued

At 1:06 AM -0400 5/15/98, FM radio 1 wrote:

>Gee, I would think simulcasting WAAF (free, plus the cost of the ISDN) would
>be less expensive than paying the monthly fees for The Touch.  If CBS were to
>simulcast one of their Boston properties on 1150, you could throw out the cost
>of the ISDN--just punch up the station on the tuner (kinda like what the
>cleaning guys did with WJMN a few months back)

So, you are saying that a radio station should only do what is the
cheapest, and not try to do something different instead?  Do you find it a
problem that they are trying to serve a different (minority) audience?

Many people on this list decry the lack of variety and innovation amongst
commercial broadcasters, but as soon as one trys something different, we
get posts like this criticizing them for taking some small degree of risk.
I, for one, applaud them for trying to add a bit of variety to the Boston
airwaves.  If their format does not match your musical tastes, there are
probably other stations that do.

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH