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Re: Frank Sinatra dead at 82

In a message dated 98-05-15 09:24:37 EDT, shel@lotsofun.com writes:

<< A man called Sid Marks has for years had a show where he ONLY plays Frank
 Sinatra. I believe he does it out of a Philadelphia station.  I can imagien
 how much good attention he'll attract now.>>

Sid Marks' program, the Sounds of Sinatra, is also syndicated around the
country, mainly appearing on MOYL stations nowadays, but back in the 80's,
many full service AC's also carried it. I know that WZNN in Rochester, NH ran
it on Saturday nights at 6pm, but I'm unsure as to if they still carry it.

Sid appeared on the Today show from the WWDB studios this morning and he
obviously did not look like a happy camper.  He was wearing black and was very
close to breaking down on the air.  However, he did hold it together long
enough to give a glowing tribute to the musical icon.

Mike Thomas, WERZ & Premiere Radio Networks