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RE: Seinfeld

Joe R wrote--
>>For what it's worth, the story about the end of the Seinfeld show has   
>>the BBC World Service.
Donna responded:
>Umm, am I the only person in America who thought Seinfeld was a lot of
>hype-- full of sound and fury, signifying nothing?  Yeah, I know, it was   
>show about nothing, but virtually every Boston station (including those   
>didn't run on) did stories about it tonight, leaving me to wonder if   
>was a lack of news.  Perhaps the reporters were all watching the final
>episode instead of covering their beat?

No, you're not.  John Keller (WBZ political commentary) was scathing in   
comments about the show, the "flag" incident and the last show "hype".

New story yesterday on WBZ: A reporter asked Janet Reno if the rumor
that she had a cameo part in the last show was true.
Sound bite of Reno, "Who's Sienfeld?"

As for me, in the immortal words of Tom Ellis "I went to the store and   
get back in time"