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Re: Seinfeld

Dan B wrote--
>I don't want to start another round of generational warfare, but I think it is
>an age thing.  Seinfeld was much more popular with people under 40 and if you
>are not in that age group it probably isn't a big deal to you. 

Hey, I may be chronologically an "aging baby boomer", but I still love rock
and roll and I'm still young and cute in my opinion! <g>  Seriously, my
comment was not about the importance of Seinfeld to a generation (I don't
happen to be a fan of sit-coms, no matter what age they are aimed at).  It
was about whether or not 20 minutes of a NEWSCAST should be directed at
reaction, reviews, and rehashing of what is an entertainment feature.  I
have long felt that both TV and Radio news have given over too much time to
entertainment at the expense of reporting on stories that are more important
to us all in the long run.  Just an opinion.